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The Heroines in our Subscription Boxes!

Of course, we could never put any of these memorable characters in a box - confined is the last thing they would ever want to be! But, that doesn’t stop us from including these empowering stories in our subscription boxes. Our favorite heroines are bright, witty, kind, adventurous, assertive, thoughtful, creative, and one’s that have a bit of gumption and purpose. It continues to be important for our girls AND boys to read stories where girls are as curious about the world around them as their male counterparts.

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Summer Reading for Kids – Make books a part of childhood memories

Thinking about summer days as a kid brings lots of sweet memories to our minds. Days were long and lazy. The time outside of school walls was much celebrated! Some of us left the din of the city behind and spent free afternoons building sandcastles, chasing butterflies at our grandparents homes, or camped under the stars. We also remember meeting some of the most memorable characters between the pages of our summer reading. These books remain, to this day, the most excellent memories of childhood. As we think on those days, we are trying to pack our monthly subscription boxes with characters and stories that will effortlessly become equally memorable for our kids.
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Can’t Decide Which Books to Choose for Your Child?

Let our friendly staff hand-select books based on your child’s age and preferences. Join our subscription service, and we’ll send 2-3 books to your door once a month.

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Who Are Our Subscribers?

We are in the business of finding exciting and imaginative stories for kids to help them enjoy reading. We take much pride in finding books for kids that we can include in their monthly subscription boxes that have stories that will challenge, teach, and empower them. Be it, baby books, board and picture books, or chapter books, we dedicate a lot of time to finding what works best!

As we continue building a library of great stories between the pages of the books, we realize something else pretty magical is also happening – with the addition of each new subscriber, we are simultaneously building a network of stories, found outside the pages of our books! As each subscribers monthly shipment date comes up we fondly remember their stories as we assign books for their children. Continue reading

Monthly subscription boxes for kids – Why Subscribe for our Book Box Service?

Monthly subscription boxes of books for kidsOur monthly subscription boxes of books are a great gift and out goal is to get children reading and to cultivate a love for reading books. We want to make it as convenient as possible to get titles they will love into their hands. Here are some of many reasons why our book subscription packages for kids make a great gift.

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Reading Aloud: Why You Shouldn’t Stop Until your Child is Twelve

When our children are little we spend a lot of time coming up with activities to keep them busy: open air long strolls, parks and playgrounds, play dates, story times, etc. But as they grow life takes over and some of these fade away, some get replaced by soccer practice or baseball or both. As they start school the reading and story time become a distant memory. This seems to be a natural flow of things, since they start reading on their own and school already has some reading requirements (not enough if you ask us, but that’s a whole different blog post). Continue reading

4 Creative Reasons People are Signing Up!

4 Creative Reasons People Signing Up We are constantly amazed at people’s creativity! Our subscribers are parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. Some are looking to build a library for the children in their lives, other’s are looking to expose their children to new reading materials, and even more are trying to form a routine of reading with the kids. Recently, we’ve had a few people sign up with us with some very different reasons to subscribe and we thought we would share them! Continue reading

This is What We Do

Girl with Little Fun Club BoxThere are days in the office when you can feel that the excitement of everybody involved is through the roof. Today is one of those days and we thought that we should, from time to time, share that excitement with our readers and followers and try to involve all of you in this, since you are already a big source of that excitement.

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Reading Easy Books: The Transition from Picture Books to Chapter Books

Easy Readers: Maisie Hitchins

The ages between 6 and 8 are generally considered the transition age in the reading world. The child will jump from picture books to books that are easy to read. Easy Readers have a combination of illustration and text - usually the font is larger than longer chapter books for kids. The stories have chapters and are longer than picture books, these are easy to read books, with less text, larger font size, simplified texts and content.

Easy reader books, early chapter books and abridged versions are also a great way to introduce classic literature to younger kids. Great characters, and simplified text make the familiar classics an easy book to read. Make time for continued reading and remind your child what the story is, as you continue reading.

It is very important that the child continues to have a positive experience reading. If you feel like they are getting frustrated or overwhelmed, switch back to simpler picture books that they can finish in one sitting which will encourage a sense of accomplishment!

Here are some of the Easy Reader Series' we have featured in our boxes:

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