Little Fun Club book subscription service is a leader in the children's book subscription business; we ship thousands of books throughout the nation on a monthly basis. Our subscriber base grows everyday and our boxes are shipped to all 50 States. The books included in our boxes are meticulously reviewed to match the age and reading needs of a child and are packed with much care and shipped to the child's doorstep. Through our staff, our partnerships with all major publishers, our experiences and backgrounds, Little Fun Club is uniquely qualified to provide the best learning tools for children ranging from newborns to 12 years old.

Our Story

tadukLittle Fun Club was born out of the desire to spend more precious and productive time with our children. It was started by parents who noticed their little boy’s voracity and enjoyment for adventure through reading! The idea behind Little Fun Club book subscription service is simple – three fun, educational, age appropriate books per month delivered to your door.

In this age of technology, it is almost too easy for parents and society to forget the incredible vulnerability of a child. As parents, we are always concerned with the information our children are exposed to. At Little Fun Club we understand and share those concerns for your child. We see how easy it is to lose focus and get tangled in the web of junk content that has no value for a child at any stage of development.

Because we are aware of these concerns and because we see this trend on a daily basis, we are committed to providing your little one with the best tools for learning, exploring and growing each month. Our goal is to help you as a parent, grandparent or a guardian to introduce books and good content to your child.