Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I subscribe?

The joys of snuggling up with a good book and your little one remains irreplaceable. Reading regularly with your child is a nurturing activity that can bring you and your child closer together.

As your child grows the books will adjust providing him or her with age appropriate reading and more advanced materials.

Subscribe today and we will make sure you have new and interesting books to explore together every month. Furthermore, there are no strings attached and you may cancel at anytime.

What will be in the package every month?

Your child will receive a box with a paper wrapped and ribboned package inside. This package has your curated books. If it’s the child’s birthday month we add an extra gift wrapped book as a surprise!

How much is the monthly subscription fee?

A subscription to the Little Fun Club costs $25.95 per month for the three book box and $20.95/month for the two book box if you choose to pay monthly. However, if you choose to prepay for three months the monthly fee will be $22.95 for the three book box and $17.95 for the two book box and for subscriptions of six months and more the fee per box is only $20.95/month for the three book box and $15.95/month for the two book box.

How is the billing done?

 Your credit card will be charged automatically on the day you subscribe and on the same day each subsequent month.

I just signed up. When will the first box ship?

Your first box ships within two business days of you signing up. The subsequent boxes are shipped on or around the same day each month.

Who pays for the shipping?

There is a $5 shipping and handling fee per box for subscribers whose shipping address is within United States. Addresses outside of United States are subject to a shipping charge that is calculated during the initial sing up process.

How are the books selected?

Each of the items included in the box has been selected based on merit – these are either books from The Association for Library Service to Children, or award winning books or books by distinguished authors.

What should be the age of my child for me to subscribe to your service?

The Little Fun Club has been designed for children ages 0 to 12.

Shall I purchase a subscription if my child is less than a year old?

With babies under one year old, it is most important that you read out loud to them. Your child’s brain is developing so quickly that speaking around them, to them or for them all help to progress their language skills. Reading out loud gives your newborn a chance to listen to his or her favorite sound — your voice. And if you hold her or him warm and snug in your lap while the two of you share a book, she or he may just associate happy feelings with reading for the rest of their life.

Are these new or used books?

Everything included in the package is brand new.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Either send us an email or submit a cancellation request from your account dashboard.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

We would be glad to put a hold on your account for up to three months, during this time your credit card on file will not be charged. Simply fill out a form from your account section so that we know how long is the hold.

Will you provide tracking number for the package once it is shipped?

As soon as the package is shipped we will send an email to you with tracking number to track your package through USPS.

Can I edit the shipping or billing addresses or the credit card on file?

Your account dashboard provides you with necessary tools to make all these changes.

Can we suggest new books?

We would be happy to hear suggestions from you through our Contact/Feedback page located under your account.

Is it possible to subscribe and receive one box for two kids?

If you want to have more than one child receiving one box, there are a number of options that we can do to accommodate each child. Whether there is an age or gender difference between the children receiving the box, we can work to send content that is right for each. Begin by subscribing and then letting us know exactly who will be receiving the box on your account page. From there we can begin addressing the box to both children and we will make sure that there is one book for each of them and a book that can be shared.

How do I order more than one box?

Go through the sign up process for the first box, this will create an account in our system, then from your dashboard click on "Add a child to the account" button and choose the option to receive a separate box. You can repeat this step as many times as you like.

How are the boxes addressed?

We love the idea that a child gets a box of books directly! This is why we address the box to the child. Our boxes are addressed to the child(ren) on the account. If you would like to give us the name of the parent/caregiver we can put their names on the box as well to avoid any confusion with the Post Office.

What types of books can I expect?

We spend a lot of time researching the best books for you! We hand-pick award winning, thought provoking titles - classics, board books, picture books, and chapter books. We generally steer clear of very popular as well as heavily commercialized titles because you may already own them. Plus, there is so much more good content out there!

How are the books assigned to the child?

We take the child’s age, reading level, and any more information you are able to give us to assign books. Please fill out our questionnaire located under child’s preferences tab from your account dashboard, it helps. The more information we have, the more customized the boxes can be. We like to know favorite genres, subjects, books, as well as subjects or books to avoid. So be sure to let us know more after you sign up and especially as you receive books! Keep in mind that each box is assigned individually by one of our associates and is unique. We are not running an assembly line and our boxes are compiled with your child in mind. This gives us flexibility to curate the best possible box based on the information we have.

What if I receive a duplicate book?

Our system (subscriber management software) is designed so that we can’t assign the same book twice to the same account. However, we’re all human, and while our software has all the bells and whistles to avoid this, human errors happen. If it does happen, we advise you to donate the duplicate copy to a friend, or a local library and we will send a replacement book in your next box.

My child has collected so many books! How do we make room for more?

Instead of cancelling your subscription buy a bigger bookshelf! Haha! We’re just kidding. If you do run out of room, hold on to your child’s favorites and either share, have a book exchange, or donate the rest. Don’t deprive your little one of continued quality content.

Can I see the titles the child will receive each month?

Log in to your account and take a look at the titles that have been assigned. Please make sure to rate the book you have already received so that we can adjust your next boxes accordingly.

Will you ever be sold out?

No! We are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting titles for you!

Can I get a refund before the last box of my prepaid subscription is sent?

It's OK to change your mind and you can cancel any time. We will process your cancellation right away, you will receive a cancellation confirmation in your email. If there is a refund due we will process that as well and your cancellation confirmation email will have the refund transaction ID as well as the amount refunded back to your original payment method. If you signed up for a six month prepaid account at $20.95/box lower rate and are cancelling after receiving four boxes you per box rate will change to $25.95/box for sent boxes plus the shipping and handling for the for sent boxes and we will refund you the difference of $35.90.

How do I put my account on hold till I get back on track?

You can log into your account and place it on hold for a particular amount of time, or you can contact us and we can do it for you.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Southern California: 3601 Ocean View Blvd., Suite H, Montrose, CA 90041.