BOOK OF THE MONTH: I Don’t Want to Read this Book

I Don’t Want to Read This Book: Written by Max Greenfield 

Illustrated by Mike Lowery

Max Greenfield Book

Of ALL the antithetical reasons to write a book, this one takes the cake! With his signature snarky style, comedian and actor Max Greenfield has written I Don’t Want to Read This Book for all those kids who absolutely, positively do not want to read it. How brilliant is that? Illustrator, Mike Lowery, brings the highly annoyed, highly opinionated tone of the narrator’s words alive with the clever use of space, typeset, colors, and drawings. From the very first page you are brought into how the invisible narrator is feeling about reading the book. And it’s not happy! They dislike words, and sentences, and paragraphs. Especially paragraphs. They tell you what they’d rather be doing and points out the unnecessary need of the letter “B” is the word ‘Doubt’.

The assertive narrator will appeal to anyone who dislikes or even hesitates to pick up a book. They lead the reader all the way through to the last page. Humor is a great leveler. And this book is brilliant at it. Any parent, caregiver, or teacher can breath a huge sigh of relief that there is an actual book that would work for the reluctant reader in their life!

Theme: Humor, Self-Esteem, Reading

Suggested Ages: 5-7

I Dont Want to Read This Book

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