Henry At Home

Henry At Home by Megan Maynor and Alea Marley is a heartwarming children’s book that invites readers to explore the great joys and growth capacity of sibling relationships. The narrative follows a brother and sister – Liza and Henry. They explore the world together – from climbing trees, attending parties, reading together, rescuing animals together! So, when older sister, Liza, starts school and Henry cannot join her yet, he just cannot believe it! He is upset! 

Maynor’s storytelling sweetly captures childhood curiosity and the joy of exploration. The narrative unfolds with a perfect blend of excitement and tenderness, making it an engaging read for both children and their parents. The author creates a sense of nostalgia for childhood playtime. When it comes time for Liza to go off to school and Henry has a hard time with this change you can’t help but feel empathy for them both. Growing up is hard to do!

Illustrator Alea Marley brings the story to life with a gentle color palette and captivating visuals. They are like snapshots of all the different activities the siblings get up to with each other and alone. Each page has at least one of the siblings and it helps to follow each of their experiences. Great visual storytelling!

We love Henry At Home for its childhood nostalgia and also for siblings and families coping with the changes that come with growing up! What a great job creating a reassuring atmosphere in the face of change that can be disconcerting for a child! You can find titles like these in our boxes each month.


Theme: Siblings, Change, Self-Esteem

Suggested Ages: 4-6

Henry At Home

Henry At Home 1

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