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FEATURED BOOK: Bloom – A Story of Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli

Little Fun Club Bloom
If you don’t know Elsa Schiaparelli, Bloom is the perfect way to discover her. Elsa was a fashion designer who defied the idea of the day (1920’s) that women’s fashion had to be plain and unassuming. As you turn the pages you realize just how her bold and playful imagination translated into bold and playful fashion statements!

It is not often that the book design lends so much to story within. Julie Morstad has designed and illustrated a book that celebrates Elsa’s style with her signature pink, ornate flowers, and a hand-stenciling technique that dates back to the earlier twentieth century! Kyo Maclear tells you Elsa’s story following her from childhood into adulthood. It is so important for young girls and boys to witness her journey from self-doubt into creative success! Elsa changed the face of women’s fashion as she dared to be different and that is an enduring message that stands the test of time!

THEMES: biography, self-esteem, fashion
AGES: 6-8

Children’s Book Subscription Service – One Task Off Your Long List!

 Children’s Book Subscription Service – One Task Off Your Long List!

Part of being a parent is to make decisions and a lot of those decisions will impact the kind of an adult your child will grow into. Do we sign him up for afterschool math classes? Do we give her swimming lessons? Was that afterschool arts class worth it? Do they really need another computer game? Are they learning what they are supposed to? What are they supposed to learn? How do we prepare them for tomorrow? This list can go on and on. We face these decisions and choices as parents on a daily basis. One thing we have realized is that our Children’s Book Subscription Service is an answer to a couple of questions on that list. Continue reading

The Heroines in our Subscription Boxes!

Of course, we could never put any of these memorable characters in a box - confined is the last thing they would ever want to be! But, that doesn’t stop us from including these empowering stories in our subscription boxes. Our favorite heroines are bright, witty, kind, adventurous, assertive, thoughtful, creative, and one’s that have a bit of gumption and purpose. It continues to be important for our girls AND boys to read stories where girls are as curious about the world around them as their male counterparts.

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Summer Reading for Kids – Make books a part of childhood memories

Thinking about summer days as a kid brings lots of sweet memories to our minds. Days were long and lazy. The time outside of school walls was much celebrated! Some of us left the din of the city behind and spent free afternoons building sandcastles, chasing butterflies at our grandparents homes, or camped under the stars. We also remember meeting some of the most memorable characters between the pages of our summer reading. These books remain, to this day, the most excellent memories of childhood. As we think on those days, we are trying to pack our monthly subscription boxes with characters and stories that will effortlessly become equally memorable for our kids.
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Who Are Our Subscribers?

We are in the business of finding exciting and imaginative stories for kids to help them enjoy reading. We take much pride in finding books for kids that we can include in their monthly subscription boxes that have stories that will challenge, teach, and empower them. Be it, baby books, board and picture books, or chapter books, we dedicate a lot of time to finding what works best!

As we continue building a library of great stories between the pages of the books, we realize something else pretty magical is also happening – with the addition of each new subscriber, we are simultaneously building a network of stories, found outside the pages of our books! As each subscribers monthly shipment date comes up we fondly remember their stories as we assign books for their children. Continue reading

Monthly subscription boxes for kids – Why Subscribe?

Monthly subscription boxes of books for kidsOur monthly subscription boxes of books are a great gift and out goal is to get children reading and to cultivate a love for reading books. We want to make it as convenient as possible to get titles they will love into their hands. Here are some of many reasons why our subscription boxes for kids makes a great gift.

First, you can set it up and walk away and be sure you’re going to receive a monthly kid box of imagination at your doorstep. We save you from harrowing fights for a parking space in a mall lot! Continue reading