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Totally in love with our new set of books from @littlefunclub 🥰 We absolutely love this exploring new stories and going on new adventures. Reading to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. 📖
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A Big Bear Hug to All of You in These Unusual And Worrisome Times

This is an unusual and worrisome time for a lot of parents, including us at Little Fun Club. As parents, we have moments of getting to escape the realities of the world by magically disappearing into the story of a good book with our kids. And though we have plenty to choose from, it doesn’t prevent us from being jolted back into reality once the reading has stopped. Responsibilities and worries take over the moods of everyone involved on this unplanned journey.
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Why should I subscribe?

The joys of snuggling up with a good book and your little one is irreplaceable. Reading regularly with your child is a nurturing activity that can bring you and your child closer together.

As your child grows the books we send will adjust providing him or her with age appropriate reading and more advanced materials.

Subscribe today and we will make sure you have new and interesting books to explore together every month. Furthermore, there are no strings attached and you may cancel at anytime.

What will be in the package every month?

Your child will receive a box with a paper wrapped and ribboned package inside. This package has the curated books for your child’s age. If it’s the child’s birthday month we add an extra gift wrapped book as a surprise! If you have filled out the questionnaire through your account on our site the assigned books will also take into consideration the preferences you have provided. We are adding new titles to our library on a weekly basis and have access and partnerships with most publishers.

How much is the monthly subscription fee?

A subscription to the Little Fun Club costs $29.95/month for three book box and $25.95/month for the two book box if you choose to pay monthly. However, if you choose to prepay for three months the monthly fee will be $27.95 for the three book box and $23.95 for the two book box (paid upfront $83.85 for three book box and $71.85 for the two book box) and for subscriptions of six months and more the fee per box is only $25.95/month for the three book box and $21.95/month for the two book box (paid upfront $155.40 for three book box and $131.40 for the two book box).

Who pays for the shipping?

There is a $5 shipping and handling fee per box for subscribers whose shipping address is within United States. Addresses outside of United States are subject to a shipping charge that is calculated before the initial sign up process. Please contact us if you would like to get a shipping quote for international addresses.

Shipping is one of the hard costs of each box and is a cost that we try to keep as low as possible. And along with packaging costs it also is one of the costs that keeps increasing consistently every year. If a box that has been shipped to a subscriber is returned to us we are charged a second shipping fee that hasn’t been included in the original box price. To reship a returned box we will charge $9 reshipping fee. To avoid this fee it is very important for subscribers to keep a current address on file. When a box ships out of our office, our system generates an email with the tracking code. The boxes are picked up from our office and at that point we are unable to reroute the box or change the addressee on the label. A subscriber’s shipping date is the same subscription day of the month, unless the day is a holiday or a weekend, in that case it’s the next business day. If there was an address change it is important to change your address on file prior to the shipping date. Click here to learn how to change the shipping address on your account.