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Sign up today to receive a package of two or three books curated for your child’s age and interests! Our team selects, packs, and ships children’s books right to your doorstep! We notify you as soon as your package is on its way! Login and rate the books when they arrive. We are happy to help you instill the love of reading in your child! Cancel Anytime.

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Gift Card

Are you looking to give a gift? You can sign up for a subscription and ship it to the gift recipient! If you prefer the parent to be in charge of the subscription, we can help you! All you have to do is buy the child a gift card from us. In a few easy steps, the parent can redeem the gift and set up the subscription to best reflect the age, preferences, and interests of the child! Children’s Books will magically arrive at their doorstep! This is the perfect gift for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends!

Great gift for grandchildren!

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Themed Boxes

Activities based on children’s books deepen a child’s comprehension! They are also super fun! All our themed boxes are limited edition and include a book and an activity! Spend an afternoon treasure hunting, cast a spell with Harry Potter, or build your own house or a school bus - take your pick! Buy a themed box that will inspire your child’s imagination. We created these with you in mind! Buy one of these and it instantly turns you into their hero!

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We believe in the power of human connection.

If you prefer a one-on-one interaction, our team is more than happy to guide you through the process or take your order over the phone, ensuring that you have a seamless and friendly experience!
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Our Books

Making reading books a regular part of any child's day opens up new avenues of imagination, develops empathy, and can start the process of creating leaders! We search high and low for books that are filled with adventurous stories, are written by award winning authors and illustrators, are thought provoking and are critically acclaimed. Our inventory of books for girls and boys aged 0-12 is constantly evolving since we add new and exciting titles every day. Our books will help you as a parent, grandparent, guardian, aunt uncle to impact a child's life by giving them tools to value quality content over the mainstream junk that is so readily available through electronic noise of modern world.

Invest in your child's future!

Give them the gift of reading!

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How It Works

Get started, by letting us know your child’s age, interests and start receiving books every month.
A Simple Subscription Service

This subscription is no strings attached package of children's books that grows with your child’s abilities. Enjoy the books! Cancel anytime.

Amazing Value

Our commitment to providing the best value is absolute. Each box shipped to our subscribers contains books with a combined retail value that is higher than the amount paid for that month's subscription.

Most importantly, the books that are in the box are books which are carefully selected and researched to expand your child's horizons. These are works by award winning authors and illustrators or stories that transform the story-time to an adventure. The books sent are yours to keep.

Knight rescuing the flying sheep
Each month, your child receives two or three curated hardcover books.
A World of Books

Little Fun Club has access to thousands of titles. From classic children's books, board books, award winning literature, newly released and educational books. Little Fun Club staff hand picks titles for your child each month based on the answers to questionnaire you fill out, as well as any feedback we receive to the packages shipped in the previous month(s).

With a subscription to our book club, your child will receive age appropriate kids books based on the merit of a given book its awards and educational value, as well as the match between that book and the interests and likes of your child.


You can always take a trip to a brick and mortar book store or your local library and we hope you do as often as you can. However, what a subscription to Little Fun Club can do is provide your child with a whole world of new and exciting reading experiences provided from a different perspective as well as keep the momentum of reading going so that reading becomes a pastime that can compete with the tablets and apps of this world.

Our box includes age appropriate books based on educational value, merit, and awards. We search and identify titles that are perfect additions to your child’s reading list each month.

As your child gets older, the books become more advanced and with feedback on each box received the next box will be even better.
Why Should I Join?

As your child grows older, he/she will be constantly exploring his/her environment, running, playing, etc. Snuggling up with a book lets the two of you slow down.

If you read regularly, instead of being seen as a chore or a task, reading will become a nurturing activity that will bring the two of you closer together. Subscribe today and we will make sure you have new and interesting books to explore together.

Cancel Anytime

We hope you subscribe and enjoy the books you are sent. We see how a regular supply of new reading material can change your child and transforms story-time into an amazing journey.

However we understand that not everybody is excited about a box of books as we are. You can always cancel your subscription with a simple click of a button. You can take a look at some of the reasons why our subscribers cancelled their subscriptions in the past.

Here’s What Our Subscribers Have to Say About Us

We love our customers (and they love us too!)

Grateful Cat

I just wanted to thank you. I get a snap chat of my grandson opening his books once a month, and he turns two this month. What a nice surprise that you recognize his birthday. The look on his face was priceless. He also got a t-shirt with his name on it, and announcing he's two. I am so happy that I purchased a subscription to the Little Fun Club. I always recommend you to my friends and coworkers. Love love love The Little Fun Club. Thank you again!!

Karen W.
Lydia D.

My kid screeches with excitement every time she sees her box in the mail. Thank you for the smile on her face and the joy in her anticipation to see what's inside!!

Lydia D.

Thank you for your excellent service, we love opening the boxes every month and love your book choices.

Carolina G.

I absolutely love the book club my niece is so excited about getting it... thank you for wonderful books.

‎Desiree L.

We set up our Little Fun Club for my son's 2nd birthday and your birthday message and gift inside made it all the more special for him! We're so excited to see what goodies you have for us each month!

‎Desiree L.

Slaiden loves reading, so I decided to include a little video, showing how excited he was to see his new books! He especially loved the Little Lamb Finger Puppet book! For some reason he thinks it’s so funny to watch me move the lamb’s head with my finger! 😉 Really cute!

Julie C.

Raising readers: a conversation with Little Fun Club's co-founder

Capturing the Moment

Book Subscription Box: Give a Gift of Knowledge

Books can create an irreplaceable joy and hold lasting memories for years to come. By signing up with our book subscription for kids service you will introduce a new approach to books and quality content in a child's life. Read with your child, grandchild, niece or nephew from an early age and expose them to more books regularly.

Reading at an early age leads to better academic fulfillment, better communication skills, better concentration and language skills. Our monthly book subscription club for kids will provide you with new and interesting titles so that you can keep up with the changing interests of a growing child. Read to them so they will eventually grow up to be smart and accomplished human beings.

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Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh with Books

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In a world where content that matters is loosing its foothold to social algorithms; where the information flow and delivery is so much more complex and multilayered but the questions we get asked by our kids are just the same; where our smart homes and ever-so-smarter appliances are getting involved in what our children read, listen to, or watch; and screen time is so much harder to control, we felt like creating a little corner where time stops. A corner where the only content to interact with is good books for children (no talking fridges, sorry!); where the questions raised are simple but profound; and the link between reality and the imagination of an author teaches many a lesson. We have created a corner with books that inspire boys and girls to dream. A corner with books that are perfect for the future of our children. A simple space full of light and imagination. Come visit us in our little corner! You'd be ever so happy you did!

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