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Shall I purchase a subscription if my child is less than a year old?

With babies under one year old, it is most important that you read out loud to them. Your child’s brain is developing so quickly that speaking around them, to them or for them all help to progress their language skills. Reading out loud gives your newborn a chance to listen to his or her favorite sound — your voice. And if you hold her or him warm and snug in your lap while the two of you share a book, she or he may just associate happy feelings with reading for the rest of their life.

Is it possible to subscribe and receive one box for two kids?

If you want to have more than one child receiving one box, there are a number of options that we can do to accommodate each child. Whether there is an age or gender difference between the children receiving the box, we can work to send content that is right for each. Begin by subscribing and then letting us know exactly who will be receiving the box on your account page. From there we can begin addressing the box to both children and we will make sure that there is one book for each of them and a book that can be shared.

How are the boxes addressed?

We love the idea that a child gets a box of books directly! This is why we address the box to the child. Our boxes are addressed to the child(ren) on the account. If you would like to give us the name of the parent/caregiver we can put their names on the box as well to avoid any confusion with the Post Office.