A 3-Tip Guide to Help Your Child Love Reading

What is your Child Up Against? 

The way we consume electronic content has changed our brains. Social Media and Entertainment is created specifically to hijack our brain chemistry and our reward centers. Naturally, we are addicted and our attention spans are as good as that of distracted hamsters. It takes a concerted effort to be aware of the influence that the media has on us. Fast-paced electronic content in the form of apps and YouTube videos and cartoons are accessible everywhere – this is the world that our kids come into. Since their impulse control isn’t developed yet, it is up to us, parents and caregivers, to help shape what they consume and what they value before the media boogeyman gets to them. You can see how it would be difficult to interest children in two dimensional books that are not immediately interactive. As it is for us, it takes a concerted effort to guide children towards books and reading. But it’s not impossible.

Why is Reading an Important Choice?

Reading encouraged at a young age helps develop imagination, teaches empathy, improves on communication skills, strengthens critical thinking skills, increases comprehension, among so many other things. Over time, better comprehension can lead to higher education and greater opportunities for a lasting and successful career and dare we say, a more fulfilling life! So, how do you compete with what’s prevalent in the current world? How do you establish a love for reading? We’ve got 3 tips that we can explore:

Tip #1: Reading As A Time for Nurture

Physical closeness is imperative to children’s mental health and development. Reading provides an avenue to nurture the child in this way. Reading aloud at bedtime is a common activity among parents, but you can also read aloud during the day or on weekends or as often as you can. This simple step would create a habit for your child and will also give the two of you some extra quiet and bonding time! The best way to handle children’s literature is to view it as an opportunity for bonding and interaction with your child, not an interruption or annoyance. Creating this habit will ensure that books and reading are associated with nurturing and quality time. Instead of being seen as a chore and annoyance, reading and books would become a positive force throughout your child’s life!

Tip #2: Reading As a Way to Celebrate Your Child

Children need attention. They’re new humans. They need to be found out and known – their changing interests, their preferences, their personalities. And they need to be celebrated for it! You have a good chance of getting them interested in reading if the content features something they are curious about. Keep a close eye on what they enjoy and respond to and choose books featuring those subjects and make reading fun for them! Cute and colorful illustrations, books by award winning authors, or award winning titles are fantastic – filter them by their interests and you’re on a winning role! 

Tip #3: Reading As An Early Start Activity

For too many children, the first time they are introduced to books is when they are in school. They are already behind the curve at this point. There are many benefits to building a habit of reading before entering school. The importance of getting kids interested in books as early as possible cannot be overstated. This is because reading is an important skill for children to master. It helps them improve their language skills, expand their knowledge, develop their imagination, and importantly as they will be entering school – it also creates better understanding of emotions – which is important for easy social integration with other children. At an age where internet based entertainment has not yet taken hold on your child, redirecting the interests and activities of your child are a lot easier than when they are teenagers. Start with reaing as early as possible to ensure they come into the school environment already armed with skills!

How Can Little Fun Club Support You In Raising a Reader?

The challenge for many parents these days is to find creative ways to get their children interested in reading when the world of Social Media and Entertainment wants to hijack their attention. The underlining technique is the creation of a habit of reading. Whether it’s through limiting electronic use or rewarding each book read, the tools you have are a lot more effective when you start early! Little Fun Club’s Book Subscription can help! We use all the information you provide us about your child’s age, reading level, interests and preferences to curate boxes of books that will appeal to your child and aid your quest in creating a Love for Reading. Sign up now and we will make sure you have monthly deliveries of engaging content that will help you raise a reader!

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