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The key to literacy? How about a bedtime story?

bedtime-storyIt’s an age-old tradition that goes back many, many years. The bedtime story. Once hailed as a precious and protected time when parents could connect with their kids in an intimate and sacred way over fantastical stories, the bedtime story is now actually in danger of extinction! With the advent of the digital phone, and the electronic tablet, and the over-saturation of television shows taking over households, so many other options for ‘entertainment’ have replaced the simplicity of this nourishing bedtime routine. In fact, even when parents do believe in sharing this coveted time with their kids, research shows that many stop the process of reading to their kids at the time when they are able to read to themselves – right when they still need it most for future development of literacy. Continue reading

What Book is Best? An E-Book or Paper Book?

its-a-bookWe cannot escape technology these days. Screens are everywhere–on our mobile phones, computers, tablets, watches, billboards, televisions–sometimes even lodged into the back of our car’s headrest. And young children are the most susceptible to these electrical lures–they are bright, shiny, colorful, and make sounds–who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these screens. But what about e-books? Are they offering our children something more than regular print books because of their inherent technology? Are e-books just better? Continue reading

How early reading builds resilient and successful adults

successful-adultsFor most of us, the early stages of childhood are far in our past and are now a distant memory. We have gone through various trials and tribulations to reach the successes that we have found in life, and we take great care to keep the more taxing elements of adulthood strivings away from the young, and impressionable eyes of our children. Whereas that is nothing, if not smart parenting, studies increasingly show that young children do need an arena of life where they can proverbially stumble, and fall and find their way again, and many experts agree this perfect arena is found in the processes of early reading. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Kinds of Books For Your Baby

book-storeYou are new to motherhood and you want to give your baby the very best start in life. And one day early on, in the time between naps and scheduled feedings, you realize (perhaps with dread) that you should read to your baby. You may have heard about the importance of reading to even the youngest of children, as it greatly effects their future development. The only problem is–what books should you read? Sound familiar? You are not alone. Continue reading

Dawn Z.

Your program is FABULOUS and we are enjoying this so much. I am very impressed with your choices and the child and her mother are enjoying this service every month!

How to give the best support to your early reader!

support-your early-readerMany informed parents have embraced the endless list of virtues that come from reading aloud to infants and to children. Studies show a marked increase in mental cognition and communication skills. Findings even reflect a strongly augmented vocabulary capacity in adults who were read to as children. But part of the process requires the traversing of an essential, yet delicate time where there is a bridge between reading to your child, and allowing your child to read for themselves. In addition to the joys of explorative progress, it also can also be a surprisingly stressful time, full of worries. Perhaps you feel your child should be reading faster, or maybe you notice that they have forgotten a word that they understood the day before. All of these concerns are absolutely normal, and part of the process. Let’s take a look at a few helpful tips that parents can use while navigating this all- important time of reading transition. Continue reading