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Why Reading Aloud Matters

Why-Reading-Aloud-MattersMany of us face the daily struggle of trying to fill every moment of our children’s lives with something of value–taking them to school, dropping them off at after – school classes, or sitting through music lessons and the like. And when that’s through, it’s back to the house where, besides trying to put a nutritious dinner on the table, you also face the nightly whirlwind of worksheets, oral reports, and required reading.
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‎Desiree L.
‎Desiree L.

We set up our Little Fun Club for my son’s 2nd birthday and your birthday message and gift inside made it all the more special for him! We’re so excited to see what goodies you have for us each month!

Make Reading a Desirable and Fun Activity

Make Reading a Desirable and Fun ActivityAs parents, we know that getting our children to learn to read is an essential step not only in their educational development, but also in their intellectual future. And with all the daily reports and expert opinions stressing the importance of creating early readers, it seems as if we need to go out and buy workbooks or sign our kids up for after-school reading classes in order to keep them from falling behind in this competitive race to literacy. Continue reading

What Is Your Child’s Future Worth?

what is your child's future worthSigning up for any kind of subscription service can be discouraging for some people. Contracts, automatic payments, and the pressure of long-term commitment cause certain consumers to shy away from such a service. And for others, it comes down to price. Perhaps they assume that the convenience of the subscription and its overall cost is much higher than what the actual products are worth.

Little Fun Club is a book subscription service that delivers three fun, hand-selected, educational books to your child each month ranging from 3 month olds to 12 year-old children. These books are carefully curated for each age group so that only the best and most appropriate reading materials are delivered to your door.
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Why Our Subscribers Cancel

Little Fun Club boxesEvery time a subscriber cancels we have the feeling of an opportunity lost, the feeling of mismatched expectations on both ends and it all comes down to a simple question: what’s the reason behind the cancelation? How can we improve? Can we do anything to avoid the next cancelation?

When we were just starting Little Fun Club, each cancelation was also a validation of the fears and doubts we as founders had in our minds: is this a viable idea? Do parents really need a book club for their kids? Can we compete with all the electronics? Continue reading

Increasing Your Child’s Vocabulary One Book at a Time

vocabularyChildren’s books contain 50 percent more rare words compared to prime-time television and college level speech! This is an incredible statistic and one that makes us realize yet again the importance of reading to our children. But just what does this mean exactly, and what is its importance?

Research indicates that the amount of reading a child does is the main contributor to their increase or decrease in vocabulary and that specifically, written language is where this vocabulary is the most concentrated. Continue reading