Creating A Habit of Reading For Your Child – 5 Steps To Get Started

Little Fun Club The Importance of Having Good Habits in Childhood

The importance of having good habits in general in childhood has been recognized by every age group, society, and culture. No matter if it is reading books, or keeping their rooms clean, or keeping their toys organized, these habits will be a positive reinforcement later on in life. But what makes habits so important?

Good habits are essential for our child’s physical, emotional, and mental development. They ensure that they have a chance to live a healthy, productive lives without being burdened. Good habits can help shape a child's personality and future success. Creating routines that will teach children about healthy living and eating, which includes: proper sleep, exercise, hygiene, personal care, socialization with friends and family, emotional regulation skills are important at any stage of development of our children.

Creating A Habit of Reading A Training Plan For Your Child - 5 Steps To Getting Started

Here are 5 steps to start a habit training plan for your child.

  1. Start as early in your child’s life as possible and start easy, we can’t stress how important these two aspects are. If you start reading with them/for them early on reading will become a nurturing activity that will be forever connected in their minds with their parent’s attention. Starting easy is also paramount since you want to make sure that the exercise of reading is not a monotonous boring activity, but rather something that they enjoy, something where the fast paced world can take a back sit and their imagination through story time can take them on an adventure.

  2. Make the process rewarding and interesting. With every book or story read make sure there is a reward whether it’s a hug or a praise it’s up to you, however make sure to reward your child after he or she finished reading a book. This process will create the necessary stepping stone to transform reading to an activity that is connected to a reward and eventually will become rewarding on its own merits.

  3. Make books easily available and make sure to get age appropriate titles. Making sure books are accessible to them around the house and creating a nook for reading are important, when they are surrounded with books, and with consistent implementation of all the points discussed here reading will gradually become an obvious activity. Getting age appropriate titles is very important as well. You want to make sure that the titles you purchase are geared toward the reading level of your child and are engaging and satisfying for them to read.

  4. Be an accountability partner for your child, to make sure he or she succeeds in the goal of creating a habit of reading help your kid to stay on track. Also be an example, our kids imitate us so determining some quiet time for reading together or each on their own but together in one room/space will help. Make sure to select a time when your child is most likely to respond well.

  5. Create a plan that will outline exactly how often and when you will ask your child to read. Again, like we said starting early with daily story time will give you an edge, if your child is older instead of story time you can read together until he or she gets into the habit of reading on their own.

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