Children’s Book Subscription Service – One Task Off Your Long List!

 Children’s Book Subscription Service – One Task Off Your Long List!

Part of being a parent is to make decisions and a lot of those decisions will impact the kind of an adult your child will grow into. Do we sign him up for afterschool math classes? Do we give her swimming lessons? Was that afterschool arts class worth it? Do they really need another computer game? Are they learning what they are supposed to? What are they supposed to learn? How do we prepare them for tomorrow? This list can go on and on. We face these decisions and choices as parents on a daily basis. One thing we have realized is that our Children’s Book Subscription Service is an answer to a couple of questions on that list. Not all of them, Ofcourse – you would have to decide the math and swimming on your own. (If you ask us, yes to both, but no pressure! :-))

As a parent, we want to help our children, we want them to be aware of the world around them. Looking at this as an objective of parenthood, you realize that one of the easiest and proven methods is to expose children to books and start working on forming the habit of reading as early as you can. There are countless studies that talk about reading being one of the most efficient ways to help children assimilate knowledge, gain a better understanding of what they see, hear about, and experience on a daily basis. In that sense, we believe, there is no better tool than exposing your child to quality content – Books are at the top of that list!

One of the best ways to make sure that they enjoy reading is to begin reading together. Create this habit as early as you possibly can, do it as much as you possibly can, and as consistently as you can! Once they start learning to read, we know nothing would make you prouder than if they reached for a book themselves and read independently. But, let’s face it, books are not addictive iPads! Books are less interactive and put less junk in front of their eyes. Books require more imagination and are thought provoking. Initially, they may not opt for books by themselves, however, if reading promises them a meaningful and consistent interaction with a parent or a guardian, books gain a fighting chance against cartoons, iPads, and computer games! That’s why, even if your child can read on their own, reading together will be one of the most cherished childhood memories they will have later on. So keep on reading!

Our children’s book subscription service can help you get easy and regular access to good books. Our packages will arrive at your doorstep addressed to your child and will start a process of transforming your child to a little human who is happy to receive a book and is excited to open and read it.

Make reading a fun activity. Gift your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or any other loved one the gift of knowledge. Give them the power to become more confident and smart sign up for the Little Fun Club’s children’s book subscription service today!

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