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Quality ContentIn the world of iPads, smart phones, YouTube, and Minecraft how do you keep your child interested in quality content? How do you avoid exposing him or her to mind numbing stuff? How do you balance the daily intake of technology? What can you do to ensure they are not watching a toy review or an episode of a silly cartoon once they are on their own?

We think we know the answer, at least we have one that has consistently worked: exposing your child to as many books as possible as early as possible. Making the story time a habit, something that both you and your child will enjoy and cherish. The answer is simple and effective. It achieves is a healthy balance and exposes your child to content that helps their imagination and creativity.

Some may still be wondering why it is important to create this balance. The brain needs to exercised just like any other muscle in the body. The sooner you begin exercising this muscle, the stronger it will be. Your child’s brain is ready to work out and to learn to think critically. Reading combines fun with work by providing your child with stories they must put effort into completing.

While your child will love to have all different kinds of fun, it is most important to make sure they also enjoy the types of fun that will in turn help them develop into brighter and more accomplished adults. Reading together, reading alone, reading with a flashlight, and reading away from home are all positive and fun ways to provide your child with substance.

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