Reading to Infants

pull-the-tabInterest in infant linguistics has shown a recent spike since our first blog post, and new mommies should be aware of the recent research. From television to radio and from biology to psychology, everyone is talking about the importance of speaking to your newborn.

As parents, you wish to provide your child with the best opportunities as soon as you possibly can. From prenatal care on you are working to provide for your child. At infancy, it is already time to build your child’s language skills. This may seem premature; however, your infant’s brain is working so quickly that it is important to take advantage of this developmental stage.

So, how do you take the highest advantage of this imperative time in your little one’s life? Little Fun Club, recommends interactive reading! Due to this increased interest in infant development, there are even more books for newborns and Little Fun Club knows about the best ones. By including interactive reading in your infant’s daily routine, you are providing them with the best level of infant linguistic training. As well, you are creating a pattern of reading for your child. As they grow, so will their books.

Your child won’t remember a time where books were not a part of his or her life and as their language skills improve, they will thank you for providing them with the right tools as soon as you did.

This is why Little Fun Club provides subscription services for such young ages, because we believe and understand that books provide beneficial learning for even the youngest Little Fun Club members.

Some of favorite books for newborns include: My Cuddly Cloth Kitten, Pull the Tab: Farm, and Hello Baby: Bathtime. What is most special about these three books is the way which they so naturally encourage an interactive experience. The simple, single phrase writing of both My Cuddly Cloth Kitten and Hello Baby: Bathtime encourage you and your infant to have a sort of conversation regarding each page. The question and answer format of Pull the Tab: Farm also engraves the typical conversation cycle into your infant’s developing mind. Each book will successfully keep your infant’s attention with their small pages and big colorful illustrations.

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