How Reading Can Boost Your Baby’s Brain

how-reading-can-boost-your-babys-brainReading is fundamental. We all know this to be true. But just how important is reading to children? According to the latest research by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it is more important than ever before, and even more shocking, it must be started earlier–much earlier when our children are babies.

This forces us to re-evaluate the time spent with our babies and begs the question, what can I do to boost my baby’s brain? It is never too late to start worrying about this issue, but it’s between the ages of 0-3 where we need to focus our attention. And it’s not at school that this should take place, but rather in the home.

Plopping young infants in front of a television or a screen of some sort is not going to work. The interaction must be active, not passive. And one of the easiest ways to boost the brain development in a young child is–you guessed it–reading.

It always comes back to reading, and rightly so because in reading to your child, you are not only engaging their young brains by having them hear different words, sounds, and rhythms, but also you are able to converse with them in the process.

You can ask them questions about what they see or hear in the book, and even if they are too young to answer, you are exposing them to language and boosting their brains as a result. So pick up a book and start reading to your baby because by the age of 5 it is too late. Their brains have already done the majority of their growing. And if all parents, regardless of economic background, spend time reading to children, every child should be able to reach their maximum potential.

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