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Basil and the Royal Dare by Cathy Hapka and Eve Titus

Cathy Hapka, Eve Titus, Dave Mottram


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Named one of “13 Detective Book Series You Obsessed Over as a Kid” by BuzzFeed and the inspiration for a hit Disney film, the masterful Great Mouse Detective is back and ready to find out what happened when two royal princes disappear!

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Sherlock Holmes is away on a case. Basil and Doctor Dawson are at loose ends until an urgent message arrives: Basil is need at Marlborough House!

Marlborough House is the home of Edward, the Prince of Wales. He lives there with various children and family members. Unbeknownst to the human royals, there is a corresponding clan of noble mice living there as well.

The human royal family is hosting the visiting royal family of Bohemia. along with them are a corresponding group of stowaway noble mice. However, the teen noble mice of both houses have vanished without a trace. Everyone fears that one of the royal dogs may be responsible for the disappearance. Can Basil help?

Eve Titus (1905–2002) wrote many books for children during her long career, including the Basil of Baker Street books and the Anatole series.

Cathy Hapka has written more than 100 books for children and adults. She’s written for series as a ghostwriter and has also authored original titles. She lives in Pennsylvania.

Dave Mottram is an illustrator living in Ohio who worked as a graphic designer for many years, which led him to pursue his passion for illustration. He paints traditionally and digitally with color and layers and line. He loves tacos, animals, tikis, and nerding out over art supplies. Visit him at DaveMottram.com.