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3 Little Firefighters (MathStart 1)

by Stuart J. Murphy (Author), Bernice Lum (Illustrator)


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A lively introduction to the simple math concept of sorting by attributes.

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We’re missing all our buttons! Three firefighters scramble to find 3 sets of matching buttons before the big parade starts. Three young firefighters must find matching sets of buttons to complete their costumes for a parade, but they aren’t sure whether they should sort the buttons by shape, color, or size. Simultaneous.

Stuart J. Murphy is a visual learning specialist. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he has a strong background in design and art direction. He also has extensive experience in the world of educational publishing. Drawing on all these talents, Stuart J. Murphy brings a unique perspective to the MathStart series. In MathStart books, pictures do more than tell stories; they teach math. Stuart J. Murphy and his wife, Nancy, live in Boston.

Visit Stuart J. Murphy at https://www.stuartjmurphy.com

Bernice Lum has over 50 books published while continuing her commercial work with clients in the UK, North America, Korea and Japan. Her first two books ’12 steps to heaven’ and ‘More steps to heaven’ sold over 150,000 copies worldwide combined. After a nine year stint in the UK, Bernice now resides in Toronto.

Visit Bernice Lum at http://bernicelum.com