Monthly subscription boxes for kids – Why Subscribe?

Monthly subscription boxes of books for kidsOur goal is to get children reading and to cultivate a love for reading books so we want to make it as convenient as possible to get titles they will love into their hands. Monthly subscription boxes for kids makes a great gift for many reasons.

First, you can set it up and walk away and be sure you’re going to receive a monthly kid box of imagination at your doorstep. It saves you from harrowing fights for a parking space in a mall lot! Okay, sure! It’s not all that dramatic, but we’d do anything not be in a crowded parking lot. It gives you those few minutes of quiet that you might need away from your child or a few minutes of bonding with your child depending on the kind of day you have already had! It is cheaper than buying books for kids at a retail price. Seriously, our prices per book per box beat Amazon, which is a hard task! If you have forgotten to buy a gift, just tell them it’s on the way! 😉

If you are a grandparent, family, or friend who lives far from the kids, monthly box subscription for kids is a great way to connect with them!


Unlike other monthly subscription boxes of books for kids or book of the month clubs, we customize each subscription. Everyone does not receive the same box of books. Each subscription is customized to the preferences and reading ability of the child. It takes a lot of effort to select books with each child in mind, but ultimately it is what sets us apart. Each box includes hand picks that are perfect for the age group of your child, is based on the preferences and feedback that you provide and is the perfect monthly box for kids.

The content of our boxes advances with the growth of your the child. As the child ages we advance the books transitioning the content, as a result a child graduates from board books, to picture books, to easy readers, and eventually to chapter books.

You don’t have to return the books. They’re yours to keep or share.

As a subscriber, if you were to go out of town or need to catch up on reading, you can put your account on hold for a period and start it back up again when you are ready. No need to sign up all over again.

We are here for you. We will pick up the phone, we will answer your emails. We will do our best to get you what you need. All you need to do is let us know!

So go on, Subscribe! It will be like Christmas every month!

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