Impact of COVID 19 on Children’s Reading

The COVID 19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on various aspects of children’s lives, including their education and reading achievements. Extended school closures, disrupted learning environments, and limited access to educational resources have impacted children’s reading progress. As we navigate the long-term effects of the pandemic, scientific research suggests that book subscription services can play a vital role in supporting children’s reading achievement goals. Let’s examine the lasting impact of COVID 19 on children’s reading abilities and explore how book subscription services can facilitate reading success.

COVID 19 Children's ReadingLearning Loss and Reading Achievement:

Studies indicate that the pandemic has led to learning loss among students, including setbacks in reading achievement. Research published in the Journal of Educational Psychology reveals that extended school closures and remote learning have negatively affected children’s reading comprehension skills and vocabulary development. These learning gaps can have long-term consequences for children’s academic progress and overall reading achievement goals.

Addressing Disparities in Access to Reading Resources:

The pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities in access to reading resources. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds may face greater challenges in accessing books, libraries, and educational materials. Limited access to reading materials can hinder reading achievement. Book subscription services can bridge this gap by delivering a steady supply of books directly to children’s homes. This ensures consistent access to reading resources regardless of their socio-economic background.

Motivation and Engagement with Reading:

The pandemic-induced disruptions have impacted children’s motivation and engagement with reading materials. Social isolation, reduced peer interactions, and lack of in-person support from educators have affected children’s enthusiasm for reading. Sustained motivation is crucial for achieving reading goals. Book subscription services can rekindle children’s interest in reading. At Little Fun Club we provide personalized book selections that align with their interests, increasing motivation and engagement!

Supporting Independent Reading Habits:

Remote learning has relied heavily on digital platforms, leading to an increased screen time for children. In contrast, book subscription services offer a tangible and screen-free reading experience. Research published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology suggests that traditional book formats can enhance comprehension and cognitive skills. By promoting independent reading habits through physical books, book subscription services help children develop critical thinking, imagination, and a love for reading that can extend beyond the pandemic.

Fostering Parental Involvement:

Parental involvement is a crucial factor in children’s reading achievement. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for increased family engagement in children’s education. Book subscription services can serve as a valuable tool to facilitate parent-child interactions around reading. A study published in the Journal of Literacy Research highlights that reading activities at home positively influence children’s reading achievement goals. By facilitating shared reading experiences, subscription services like ours strengthen the bond between parents and children while promoting literacy skills.

Tailored Reading Experiences:

Book subscription services offer customized book selections based on a child’s age, interests, and reading level. Research suggests that personalized reading experiences improve reading outcomes. Children who receive personalized book recommendations showed greater gains in reading achievement. At Little Fun Club, we have created a system that allows subscribers to let us know a child’s preferences. We use this information to tailor the books so the child can have a greater level of engagement. By delivering books tailored to a child’s preferences, we cater to their individual needs and foster a sense of ownership over their reading goals!


Conclusion: The COVID 19 pandemic has had a lasting impact on children’s reading achievement goals, creating learning gaps and challenges in accessing reading resources. However, book subscription services have emerged as a valuable resource to support children’s reading success. When libraries and bookstores were closed, we were a great resource for parents and grandparents alike to keep the reading momentum going! 

By providing consistent access to diverse reading materials, promoting motivation and engagement, supporting independent reading habits, fostering parental involvement, and offering tailored reading experiences, these services can help children overcome the long-term effects of the pandemic and achieve their reading goals. As we navigate the post-pandemic era, book subscription services can be a valuable ally in nurturing children’s love for reading and ensuring their continued educational success. Sign up today to sustain your child’s reading goals!

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