FEATURED BOOK: A Little House by Virginia Lee Burton, 1942

Little Fun Club - The Little House

The best books take you on a journey and change your life a little bit! The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton manages to tug at the heart-strings by doing just that – we follow the journey of a personifying little family cottage all through her lifetime.

Her story begins in an apple orchard, witness to the changing seasons and lives of the family within. The setting lulls you into a dreamy state. But, as any good story, Time emerges an enemy. The menacing industrial age creeps up all around her and she slowly becomes forgotten and abandoned.

But, the story doesn’t stop there. The third act has a surprise in store!

You can be sure that this sweet tale ends with as much heart as it begins and as you turn the last page you realize just why the book has been a classic since 1942.

The author’s illustrations and carefully picked words lend a hand in making this journey thoughtful and memorable. Burton’s son recalls, “like the little house in the book, our own little house and barn stood atop a hill. It was an idyllic and magical setting.” Of his mother he said, she hoped “her work would have a lasting legacy for children the world over.”

And it has. This well-deserved Caldecott Award winner is one of our favorite titles. Even 77 years later!

THEMES: change, seasons, nature, city life/urbanization
AGES: 4-7

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