We Don’t Fit in a Box – Chicago Book Expo

Book Expo America 2016We were at the Book Expo in Chicago about a month ago and among a lot of the things that we realized while roaming around the halls of McCormick Place filled with a lot of exciting books, authors, writers, illustrators, was that we don’t fit in the box of the book industry. We’re neither a bookstore, nor a retailer, nor a librarian, nor a museum store and the list goes on and on. WE don’t fit in a box. How’s that for irony?

We are parents who value books and good content and based on our experience with our kids understand that if a child is introduced to books early on they will grow up to be more successful in life no matter what they do. We are believers in story time that brings a family together every night. We are believers in a creative approach to life and to parenting, and we believe that the only way to a successful adulthood is through constant discovery of new and amazing quality content that takes our subscribers and us on this amazing adventure!

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Back at the Book Expo, we were able to fly under the radar and shamelessly fanboy and fangirl over everything we saw! We stood in line to get books signed for our readers and had as many conversations as we could to create new relationships to get our readers new and exciting titles! Walking the floor we realized there is so much more good content out there than we know of. It was encouraging to see that so many people are still dedicated to writing and creating and communicating new ideas! There is so much good content to be discovered, that it would be a crime to deprive our children of the all wonderful work of these authors, writers, illustrators, and book designers.

Books have always been around and are yet being reinvented over and over. It is so affirming to us that Little Fun Club is the right thing to do. We are in the right business! Making great content fit…in a box.

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