Can I buy a gift book subscription for kids?

You can either purchase a subscription and use the shipping address to send a book boxes to a kid you want to send a subscription to while being the account holder OR you can purchase a gift card of both two book boxes and three book boxes with three, six or twelve month book subscription for kids by purchasing a Gift Subscription Card here. Your recipient can redeem their Gift Subscription Gift Card and start receiving boxes right away. The process of purchasing a gift subscription is very simple:

  1. Decide on the number of books in each box and the length of the subscription.
  2. Purchase the subscription and receive a gift code redeemable through our website.
  3. With one click, parents can redeem the gift code to start receiving a monthly delivery of books!

Your Gift recipient will need to redeem their Gift Subscription Card from our Redeem a Gift page, create their own account, provide their shipping address, child name, birthdate and preferences.

Gift Subscription Cards cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable. 

Can’t Decide Which Books to Choose for Your Child?

Let our friendly staff hand-select books based on your child’s age and preferences. Join our subscription service, and we’ll send 2-3 books to your door once a month.

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