Books for Ages 3 to 4

Our subscription boxes with books for ages 3 to 4 start the transition from board books and simple text picture books to  picture books with stories. It is crucial at this stage that story-time becomes a bedtime ritual - your child needs a conversation and wants to ask questions. Our boxes come with books that are thought-provoking, allowing them to question what they know and what they don’t. A conversation will become commonplace here. You can interact with the child and expect a verbal response that isn’t just imitation. 

Books for Ages 3 to 4 - The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers


The #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon!

P1381068641new-york-times-bestseller-stamp_1oor Duncan just wants to color. But when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters, all saying the same thing: His crayons have had enough! They quit! Beige Crayon is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown Crayon. Black wants to be used for more than just outlining. Blue needs a break from coloring all those bodies of water. And Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking—each believes he is the true color of the sun.
What can Duncan possibly do to appease all of the crayons and get them back to doing what they do best?


Hello, my name is Ruby by Philip C. Stead

Join Ruby, a plucky little bird, as she ventures through life, making new friends, learning new skills and asking questions which may have some very surprising results.

Fearless Ruby's search for adventure, friendship and her place in the world comes to life through acclaimed author/illustrator Philip C. Stead's whimsical illustrations and succinct, charming text.


Books for Ages 3 to 4 - Hello, my name is Ruby by Philip C. Stead
Books for Ages 3 to 4 - Anthony and the Ants by Raynor Gemma

Anthony and the Ants by Raynor Gemma

Anthony Anteater likes to eat. But so do the hungry ants that have a habit of carrying away his food! Poor Antony is at his wits' end, until he has the clever idea of taking his breakfast somewhere those pesky ants cannot follow ... Join Anthony and the ants in this comic tale of friendship, written and illustrated by Gemma Raynor.



Dog Loves Counting by Louise Yates


Dog can't go to sleep. He loves books so much that he just can't stop reading. Dog tries counting sheep, but it's not working—perhaps there are some other creatures he can count? Soon Dog is off on an adventure, finding friends and numbers in unexpected places.
Meet Dog and let him show you why he LOVES COUNTING!


Books for Ages 3 to 4 12
Books for Ages 3 to 4 11

Ribbit by Rodrigo Folgueira and Poly Bernatene

A group of frogs are living happily in a peaceful pond, until they discover a surprise visitor: a little pink pig. Sitting contentedly on a rock in the middle of their pond, the pig opens his mouth and says:RIBBIT! The frogs are bewildered at first, and then a bit annoyed—"What did that little pig just say?", "Does he think he's a frog?", "Is he making fun of us?"

Soon the pig draws the attention of all the nearby animals; everyone is curious to know what he wants! After much guessing (and shouting) and a visit to the wise old beetle, the animals realize that perhaps the pig was not there to mock them after all—maybe he just wanted to make new friends!  But is it too late?  This is a warm, funny, and beautifully illustrated story of friendship, with boisterous RIBBIT!s throughout—perfect for reading aloud.


Josh and the Whoo Whoo! by David Bedford

Josh hates loud noise, but one day a noise makes him curious. What can the noise be? Will Josh's life be changed forever? Part of the QED Storytime series, this beautifully illustrated book introduces young children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories, and includes supporting notes for parents and teachers.

Books for Ages 3 to 4 10
Books for Ages 3 to 4 9

All Aboard! by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Mike Lowery

From the creators of What Can a Crane Pick Up? comes a train-ride adventure-perfect for fans of Thomas the Tank Engine and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. In this inviting, rhyming read-aloud, two kids become travel buddies as they watch cities and landscapes and other hard-working trains rush by, and also observe the conductor and funny goings-on inside the train, all illustrated in a fresh, hip, colorful style. Hop aboard!



Bobo the Sailor Man! by Eileen Rosenthal and Marc Rosenthal

Bobo (accidentally!) risks getting lost at sea in this irresistible adventure starring everyone’s favorite frenemies.

Willie and Bobo are exploring. And just look at all they’ve found! There are spectacular sticks and teeny tiny non-bitey roly-poly bugs. And this—a red bucket! Why, that would make the perfect boat for Bobo. But while Willie is marveling over the prospects of Bobo as sailor man, the boat—and Bobo!—start to drift away. Far away! Is there anything Willie can do to save his best bud? Perhaps a certain cat can help…


Books for Ages 3 to 4
Books for Ages 3 to 4

Harold Finds a Voice by Courtney Dicmas

Harold is an amazing mimic, and can imitate the sound of everything in his home. Tired of repeating the same old noises, he yearns to find out what other voices there are in the big, wide world. But what happens when he suddenly realizes that he doesn't yet have a voice of his own? This fantastic debut by author/illustrator Courtney Dicmas recounts Harold's hilarious tale. It's full of color, humor and invention, and children will love to join in with Harold as he mimics everyday noises.


Squawking Matilda by Lisa Horstman

Matilda is a chicken with attitude: proud, dignified, and scrappy. Aunt Susan sends her to Mae, who loves to take on special projects. But nothing is quick or easy with Matilda. Mae never had to work so hard before! Soon new projects grab her attention, and Matilda is neglected. When Aunt Susan plans a visit, Mae has to find out what it takes to care for a special chicken like Matilda.

Author and illustrator Lisa Horstman uses a unique style of digitally combining hand-crafted puppets with painted backdrops.


Books for Ages 3 to 4 6
Books for Ages 3 to 4

Cecil the Pet Glacier by Matthea Harvey and Giselle Potter

In a starred review Publishers Weekly raves: "It’s an avant-garde, surrealist story with a Hollywood-style tearjerker lurking within—and a surprisingly charming and affecting one at that."
Award-winning poet Matthea Harvey and illustrator extraordinaire Giselle Potter team up to create an indescribably unique picture book about wanting to be normal, then coming to appreciate being different. Ruby would love to be like everyone else—not easy when you have a tiara-wearing mother and a father who spends his time trimming outrageous topiary. She'd also like to get a nice normal pet, maybe a dog. Then, on a family vacation to Norway, she finds herself adopted by a small, affectionate glacier. How Cecil, as the ice pet is named, proves himself to Ruby—risking his own meltdown—is a story sure to thrill and delight young readers.


The Not-So Scary Snorklum by Paul Bright

Snorklum does his bully best to scare the other animals that share his hill. But Mole, Rabbit, and Badger notice his wibbly whiskers, his twitchy tail, and his knocky knees. Maybe he’s scared—and not so scary after all. Plus he’s afraid of the dark, and three friends that stick together.


Books for Ages 3 to 4 -
Books for Ages 3 to 4 -

The Dark by by Lemony Snicket  and Jon Klassen

Laszlo is afraid of the dark.

The dark lives in the same house as Laszlo. Mostly, though, the dark stays in the basement and doesn't come into Lazslo's room. But one night, it does.

This is the story of how Laszlo stops being afraid of the dark. 

With emotional insight and poetic economy, two award-winning talents team up to conquer a universal childhood fear.

Harry and Horsie by Katie Van Camp and Lincoln Agnew

When a boy named Harry

sneaks out of bed one night

with his best friend, Horsie,

to play with his Super Duper Bubble Blooper --

an out-of-this-world adventure begins!

Illustrated with retro-comic art, this is a charming story about the power of friendship and imagination from a talented new team.


Books for Ages 3 to 4 -
Books for Ages 3 to 4 - Boy and Bot by Ame Dyckman and Dan Yaccarino

Boy and Bot by Ame Dyckman and Dan Yaccarino

One day, a boy and a robot meet in the woods. They play. They have fun.

But when Bot gets switched off, Boy thinks he's sick. The usual remedies—applesauce, reading a story—don't help, so Boy tucks the sick Bot in, then falls asleep.

Bot is worried when he powers on and finds his friend powered off. He takes Boy home with him and tries all his remedies: oil, reading an instruction manual. Nothing revives the malfunctioning Boy! Can the Inventor help fix him?

Using the perfect blend of sweetness and humor, this story of an adorable duo will win the hearts of the very youngest readers.

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