Book Subscription For Kids – The Value of a Good Book

book subscription for kidsWe have been on this amazing journey for some time now and what started as a simple idea of book subscription for kids is now a home for inspiration, tons of passion for books and amazing content, and a team of bright people who believe in the simple mission of helping families to raise kids that value good content.

The way we see it, we are on a mission to fight junk content that is so easily available nowadays. And one of the most important validators of successes in this “fight” are our kids and their growing passion for reading – our growing number of subscribers is another amazing validator!

Little Fun Club book subscription for kids started out of a need and the desire to spend more quality time with our kids. The regular nightly reading gradually transformed our kids into children who love books, are happy to receive books as gifts. I know this sounds nerdy, but as a parent there is nothing more satisfying than seeing my seven year old glued to a good book. Our kids value good content and story-time is an absolute expectation!

Today, they are a bit older and can read on their own – they read at two, sometimes, three grade levels above their classmates, which makes us, as parents, very proud, but also gives us the immense joy and happiness to move forward believing whole-heartedly in what we do and how we go on about our day to day work.

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