A Big Bear Hug to All of You in These Unusual And Worrisome Times

This is an unusual and worrisome time for a lot of parents, including us at Little Fun Club. As parents, we have moments of getting to escape the realities of the world by magically disappearing into the story of a good book with our kids. And though we have plenty to choose from, it doesn’t prevent us from being jolted back into reality once the reading has stopped. Responsibilities and worries take over the moods of everyone involved on this unplanned journey.

We are as equally unprepared as we think we are prepared – from state and federal government to schools and hospitals. With all the emergency drills our children successfully practice in school it’s amazing how we didn’t foresee a situation where teaching outside of the classroom and school grounds would need to be possible! That said, we are in awe of all educators who are adapting and teaching classes virtually.

This emergency has everyone scrambling from new policies and orders in place that raise more questions than answers to remote work and school that change our lives as we know it, to orders to shelter in place, to close businesses that quickly incapacitate a community. In the midst of all of this, here are our kids: At home and trying to make sense of what’s going on around them.

We think we can all agree that it is an unusual time and we want to extend a big bear hug to all of you and let you know that we are here for you! We will do everything we can to maintain some level of stability and sanity to your regularly scheduled subscription deliveries to your door!

Our response to COVID-19

Everyone who can do his or her job remotely is working from home (we have a strong IT team that makes this possible).

Our shipping team is operational and is shipping boxes as scheduled, making sure every subscriber has new, exciting and adventurous books to read during these unusual times.

Unless CA goes on enforced lockdown your next box will ship on its scheduled date. We are available to answer any questions, listen to you vent or simply say “hi” over chat, email, phone call or social media!

Stay safe.

Stay healthy.

And read more with your kids!

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