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No Biggy! by Elycia Rubin

Elycia Rubin & Josh Talbot


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Filled with love and positivity, No Biggy! is certain to become the go-to, favorite saying in your home.

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Getting frustrated is a part of life! When Kiki is working on squeezing toothpaste right onto her toothbrush. When she is getting the zipper to slide all the way up her jacket. And, when she is spreading cream cheese on a bagel, she learns to take a deep breath, say “No Biggy!,” and try again—after all, things don’t always go exactly as expected on the first try!

Elycia Rubin is the author of successful style guides Frumpy to Foxy in 15 Minutes Flat (Fair Winds Press) and Curves Rule and Flat Is Fabulous as well as a lifestyle expert who has been featured in CosmoMarie ClairePeople, and more. She lives in Los Angeles with her family, who has been saying “No Biggy!” for the last 5 years with many happy results.

Josh Talbot is a Texas-based illustrator and designer whose work appears in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and books. When not drawing, ogling at old architecture, or camping out in his favorite art museums, Josh can be found enjoying nature, eating pie, and spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter.