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Bobo the Sailor Man

Eileen Rosenthal and Marc Rosenthal


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Bobo the Sailor Man! by Eileen Rosenthal and Marc Rosenthal covers the story of Bobo who (accidentally!) risks getting lost at sea in this irresistible adventure starring everyone’s favorite frenemies.

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Bobo the Sailor Man by Eileen Rosenthal and Marc Rosenthal is the story of our favorite frenemies. Willie and Bobo are exploring. And just look at all they’ve found! There are spectacular sticks and teeny tiny non-bitey roly-poly bugs. And this—a red bucket!

Why, that would make the perfect boat for Bobo. But while Willie is marveling over the prospects of his frenemy as sailor man, the boat—start to drift away. Far away! Is there anything Willie can do to save his best bud? Perhaps a certain cat can help.

Before writing her first book, I Must Have Bobo!, Eileen Rosenthal was a graphic designer with a background in book design and exhibition graphics. She has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan and later studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Ms. Rosenthal worked as a graphic designer in New York and was a children’s book designer for Alfred A. Knopf.

Eileen met her husband, illustrator Marc Rosenthal, in New York City while working together at a design studio. They have since enjoyed many years of peaceful co-habitation and collaboration. Marc is the illustrator of I Must Have Bobo! and many other great books. They have a son and a cat or two and live in Massachusetts.