Who Are Our Subscribers?

We are in the business of finding exciting and imaginative stories for kids to help them enjoy reading. We take much pride in finding books for kids that we can include in their monthly subscription boxes that have stories that will challenge, teach, and empower them. Be it, baby books, board and picture books, or chapter books, we dedicate a lot of time to finding what works best!

As we continue building a library of great stories between the pages of the books, we realize something else pretty magical is also happening – with the addition of each new subscriber, we are simultaneously building a network of stories, found outside the pages of our books! As each subscribers monthly shipment date comes up we fondly remember their stories as we assign books for their children.

We have Grandparents who live far away from their Grandchildren. Some Skype and read along with the kids. Some have multiple boxes going to several different states!

We have Parents who enjoy reading time with their kids almost more than the kids themselves!

We have Single Parents who are ever so attentive to their child’s needs and have feedback for us with each box which ensures the most suitable books.

We have Aunts and Uncles and Godparents sending books to their nieces and nephews. We have some who live outside of the United States sending boxes to kids here.

We have Military Families getting boxes sent to their bases.

We have Bilingual Children who have recently arrived in the United States and are using the gift of stories to improve their English language skills.

We have Granddads who insist on addressing their grandchildren as Princesses.

We have First-Time and Expectant Parents receiving monthly subscription boxes so they can start building their nursery libraries.

We have Multiple-Child Households who either share boxes or each receive a box of their own.

We have Charter School Students receiving additional reading options.

We have Teachers receiving books to fill up their classroom with stories.

We have had Families on the move who changed their addresses because of natural disasters.

We have Children who are in medical facilities receiving books to help them through their healing journeys.

We have Children with Special Needs who read at a different level than others. What a joy it is for us to celebrate their progress as we hear from their caregivers!

These, and so many more stories motivate us everyday to keep doing our best to be the best monthly subscription box for kids! We love the books we send out, but, seem to be writing a fantastic story ourselves!

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