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Girl with Little Fun Club BoxThere are days in the office when you can feel that the excitement of everybody involved is through the roof. Today is one of those days and we thought that we should, from time to time, share that excitement with our readers and followers and try to involve all of you in this, since you are already a big source of that excitement.

We start at 9AM and with LA's unpredictable traffic we mostly arrive on time or start at home by assigning books or taking care of customer inquiries.

Our packing department however starts at 7:30 - 8 AM-ish to make sure we are on schedule and all of your boxes are out of the door by 4pm when the big USPS truck leaves the warehouse facility.

If we don't make it by the 4pm truck the boxes will be stored in the warehouse overnight and will be shipped tomorrow, which we try to avoid since we know that a lot of kiddos are waiting for these boxes and it's not polite to make them wait 🙂

Best birthday gift ever - a smiling kid with Little Fun Club Books
Twins with Little Fun Club Picture books
Big reader smiling with Picture books and Easy readers
Boy with Little Fun Club Books

We used to ship once a week, now we ship every business day. And we like that we're busy, there is so much positive energy in doing what we do on a daily basis. There is always activity in the office, Two pallets of books there are shipments of pallets of books that are arriving, and new orders that need to be processed and birthdays that need to be celebrated and new books to be read and procured so that our boxes are the best possible fit for a our subscribers.

It's fun and very fulfilling. And when we get photos of our subscribers with our boxes or our books and big smiles on their faces we know we're doing something right 🙂

Sometimes, probably not as often as we would like to, we want to share with all of you all the positive feedback from our subscribers that makes our days. Keep it coming! We love hearing back from you.

We are enjoying all the books immensely, my daughter freaks OUT when she sees the box at the front door because she knows from the shape/writing of Little Fun Club that it is for her.

Thank you for your fast and wonderful response, I greatly appreciate it. We have truly loved your company to date and have received many great books. Again I appreciate you listening to the feedback and being so accepting in your response. It shows how great of a company this is and how you truly care about great education!

THANK YOU for the beautifully wrapped box of books and the surprise birthday book for my boys. They're loving their subscription and we can't wait for the next box!

My daughter was so happy with her first box set!! Thank you! We're super excited for next months subscription!!

My daughter absolutely loves every package of books she received. She asked how they pick the books... because "they do a really good job!"

Got our first box today!!! Called with a minor issue and customer service was amazing! So excited for the next box! Love that it was addressed to Princess then my daughters name 💕

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