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The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs


Raymond Briggs’s The Snowman perfectly illustrates the wonder and innocence of childhood as a little boy’s snowman comes to life!

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On a snowy winter night, a young boy builds a snowman in hopes that it will come to life. When his wish comes true, the boy and his snowman share silly and tender moments–dressing up, sneaking around the house, skateboarding, and much more. Eventually, they soar through the beautiful night sky before saying good night. Briggs’s wordless tale relates a story about imagination and friendship, as well as love and loss. This board book edition of The Snowman is a perfect gift for the holidays.

One winter’s night, a little boy’s snowman comes to life—and a magical adventure begins. . . .
Raymond Briggs’s The Snowman perfectly illustrates the wonder and innocence of childhood.