FEATURED BOOK: I AM George Washington and Abraham Lincoln by Brad Metzler, 2014

Little Fun Club - I AM Series

In celebration of Independence Day, we are featuring I AM George Washington and I AM Abraham Lincoln. Both these men have led the charge to change during their time. Washington had the courage to do what had not been done before, and Lincoln spoke up for others! Stories like these build character and we are only so happy to plant these values in the minds of our readers!

The clear objective of the I AM series is to be relatable and to inspire kids to greatness. The thing is, it is so well done, that it inspires us as adults, too! The idea presented is that our most memorable leaders and innovators are just ordinary kids who stayed authentic to what they beleived in and in the course, changed the world forever.

Brad Metzler and illustrator, Christopher Eliopoulos, charge their subject as the trusty narrator throughout his or her story. The narrator remains young, as they tell their own story from childhood to greatness – a fantastic way to keep the story relevant to the young audience! As the reader, you get to witness these near-mythical leaders as they were in childhood – making friends, fighting with siblings, and holding fast to their dreams.

THEMES: biography, history, values
AGES: 5-8

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