BOOK OF THE MONTH – January 2021: Puma Dreams

Little Fun Club Book of the month Puma DreamsPuma Dreams brought to life by Tony Johnston and Jim LaMarche

Right from the cover itself, it’s difficult to look away from Jim LaMarche’s panoramic, almost ethereal paintings for this book. It brings our heroine, the landscape, and her dream within arms reach using a combination of acrylics, pencils, and ink.

While visiting her grandmother at a remote ranch surrounded by mountains, our heroine longs to catch a glimpse of the elusive puma. Patience is hard as she discovers, but some dreams are well worth waiting for! As long as it takes!

This book is as beautiful as it is inspiring. The endnote includes information on Pumas and various conservation organizations – perfect for all kids, but especially for nature lovers!

Theme: Nature, Conservation, Inspiring, Girls
Suggested Age: 4 – 7

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