BOOK OF THE MONTH – August 2021 – A Hilarious Board Book for Kids

If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur brought to life by Linda Bailey and Colin Jack

Here’s a hilarious board book to read along with the kids! The absolute absurdity of having a dinosaur as a pet puts this on the top of the giggle fest list. The colorful illustrations lend to the comedy as you get to visualize how enormous certain dinosaurs are in comparison to us. But what good would they be to us at home?

Well, you can have them grind your coffee with their big feet. Have them open cans with their sharp teeth. They’d certainly scare off any burglars! Let the kids’ imagination run wild as you think up new ways to make use of a dinosaur in your home!

Theme: Humor, Dinosaurs, Activity

Suggested Age: 0 – 3


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