4 Creative Reasons People are Signing Up!

4 Creative Reasons People Signing Up We are constantly amazed at people’s creativity! Our subscribers are parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. Some are looking to build a library for the children in their lives, other’s are looking to expose their children to new reading materials, and even more are trying to form a routine of reading with the kids. Recently, we’ve had a few people sign up with us with some very different reasons to subscribe and we thought we would share them!

As a Gift to a Special Needs Educator – We pick a mix of books for girls and boys for different ages so the teacher can use the power of images and story with the students.

As a Graduation Gift to a New Teacher – We pick an age-appropriate mix of books for girls and boys for the teacher to build a classroom library at a new job.

As a Relationship Builder – Sometimes Grandparents or Friends send a box of books to the children in their lives. They live far away, so they Skype with the children and read the books with them!

As a Gift to help with English diction – We send a box of books to siblings who have recently moved from a non-English speaking background to the United States. The stories have helped them assimilate better into their schools!

This is just a snapshot, but an effective glimpse into the some of the many ways books and stories can have a lasting impact on the future generations! We have recently added an additional option of two books per month per request!

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